October 2014 Highlights

I’d say the best thing with this October was Mikki getting her first deer ever! She’s turned out to be a pretty good huntress.

One of the other cool trips I was able to take was to Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, Washington.  I traveled with two of my coworkers to attend a Windows in Higher-Ed conference to learn some of the future plans of Microsoft in respect to their operating system and other ideas that can benefit universities in particular.  I was able to meet with many other people who work in universities across the US, which was fun, and we were able to share ideas with one another.  Before we left, we took some time to go into Seattle for some sight-seeing.

And, last of all, I threw in our carved pumpkins for Halloween.

Our Home and Smoky Mountain Road

During the end of August, 2014, we moved into our first house.  Along with a couple of those pictures, I’ve added a couple of picture of our ride we took with Mom and Dad on the Smokey Mountain Road at the beginning of Septemer.

Mom also added more of our photos on our Family Photo website here (http://jmshake.com/photo/index.php/Smokey-Mtn-Cottonwood-Road-Trip-Labor-Day-2014)