June-July 2013

Mikki and I were able to help Dad with taking the cows on the mountain this year.  It was a long ride on the horses, and we were able to have a pretty good time.

2013-06-08 11.21.08


Also in June, we were able to have our Shakespear Family Reunion in Tropic.  Mikki and I skipped riding the horses during that time since we had plenty during the cattle drive.  If you haven’t seen the pictures we uploaded from it, check them out by clicking on the picture.  It was pretty fun to see Bryce Canyon with the whole family.

We had to make things even since we had helped Dad move the cows.  In the picture below, there are a bunch of big rocks that George wanted to get for landscaping.  We helped him haul these back to the business.


2013-07-06 13.51.26

One of the other fun things we did in July was go camping on the Boulder Mountain.  Mikki and I spent a couple days up there, and eventually got rained out.  We did have a fun time though.  It was pretty busy up there, since it was the 4th of July weekend, but we were able to find a good camping spot close to Big Lake (which is dried up and just a bunch of grass now).  It isn’t too far from the Row lakes and Purple lake, where we had normally gone with the extended family.  It was a good chance to see how well our truck did on the rougher roads (which was just great).

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