August 2013

I don’t have quite as many pictures this month.  Mostly I just have updates about some of the things going on in life.

On one of the weekends, our ward had a ward camp-out.  It is really fun to be in a University Married ward where we get to have great activities and get to know more of the couples in our ward.  The camp-out was located in Pine Valley.  The property is owned by one of our former high council members.  It has been in his family for generations, and there is a nice old house there that was his grandparents home.  It was pretty fun to learn a little history about Pine Valley and enjoy the outdoors.

August also means that school started.  I kept pretty busy trying to get all of the computer labs ready for school.  We had quite a few changes this time compared to how we usually set up the computers in the past.

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