June-July 2013

Mikki and I were able to help Dad with taking the cows on the mountain this year.  It was a long ride on the horses, and we were able to have a pretty good time.

2013-06-08 11.21.08


Also in June, we were able to have our Shakespear Family Reunion in Tropic.  Mikki and I skipped riding the horses during that time since we had plenty during the cattle drive.  If you haven’t seen the pictures we uploaded from it, check them out by clicking on the picture.  It was pretty fun to see Bryce Canyon with the whole family.

We had to make things even since we had helped Dad move the cows.  In the picture below, there are a bunch of big rocks that George wanted to get for landscaping.  We helped him haul these back to the business.


2013-07-06 13.51.26

One of the other fun things we did in July was go camping on the Boulder Mountain.  Mikki and I spent a couple days up there, and eventually got rained out.  We did have a fun time though.  It was pretty busy up there, since it was the 4th of July weekend, but we were able to find a good camping spot close to Big Lake (which is dried up and just a bunch of grass now).  It isn’t too far from the Row lakes and Purple lake, where we had normally gone with the extended family.  It was a good chance to see how well our truck did on the rougher roads (which was just great).

May 2013

During the month of May, Mikki and I were able to have a couple of fun things happen.  First of all, Mikki attended commencement at SUU to officially graduate!

Mikki Grad Flag

It was good to celebrate all of the hard work that Mikki did to graduate in Education.  After the ceremony, we were able to get together with some of the family members that came to celebrate with us.

A couple weeks later, we were able to go to Chicago.  I was able to attend a training for some software we use at SUU.  During the first two days, I attended the trainings while Mikki was able to go shopping and she even worked up the courage to drive our rental (I think she only went a few blocks, but there are a ton of people there).

The next few days, we were able to visit some of the sites in Chicago and then travel over to Nauvoo.  Below are pictures of Mikki in Willis Tower (previously Sears Tower).

2013-05-23 14.06.40

2013-05-23 14.08.09










The top floor is advertised as the Sky Deck.  It was pretty cool to look out at all of the other small buildings in downtown Chicago.

The part you can see Mikki standing in is a plexi-glass overhang so you can really see how tall the building is over the edge.  It was fun because we also saw some people taking wedding pictures there (how come we didn’t think of that :).

We also saw another person that was scared to death to actually walk in the little plexi-glass window things, so they laid on the floor and peeked over the edge.





The next day, we were able to go the the Chicago temple.  It looks a little small, but it seems much larger inside.  One of the workers was latino, and I was able to talk with him in spanish for a while.  He was kind of nervous speaking english, so it was fun to be able to talk with him for a while and help him feel comfortable.

2013-05-24 13.03.32


After the session, we traveled the rest of the day to get to Nauvoo.  We had a fun time riding through the flat land over there.  One of the highlights is that we were able to drive through Grundy County (and see a sign for an auction there).

Nauvoo was beautiful.  We had fun going through all of the church history sites and seeing the Nauvoo temple.  It did rain quite a bit there, but one of the days when it didn’t rain, we did notice there were lots of bugs.  We’re glad the weather turned out that way.

2013-05-27 09.46.38


We had a great trip altogether, and would love to go visit again.